10 Questions every home owner should be asking:
1. If the kitchen sink, lavatory, toilet, water heater, washing machine etc. were to begin leaking where could the water be turned off at?

2. Will the emergency shut off valve at the fixture work when I need it to? Now would be a good time to check it.

3. What if the emergency shut off at the fixture did not work? Where else could it be turned off at?

4. With the shut off on the main water line, (where it enters the house), work when needed? Why not check it now?

5. How old is my water heater?

6. Has the water heater ever been properly drained, flushed and inspected internally for signs of wear?

7. When the water heater breaks how much damage will it cause before it can be repaired and or replaced?

8. Does the toilet require multiple flushes before all the waste is removed?

9. Do all the drains work like they should be? If not, how long before that "slow drain" becomes a "no drain"?

10. Who can I call that is Reliable, Honest, Reasonable, Conscientious Minded and Trustworthy?

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